I believe in clutter-free open spaces. This is best achieved by having ample storage and organizing your belongings. I also believe in paring down to the bare necessities. When it comes to comfortable living, less truly is more! The less junk you have, the more time you have! On this website I will be sharing my best home organizing tips and solutions, starting with one right here:

Hollywood Glam DIY Gold Bamboo Mirror Frame

Take for example the powder room: all it needs on the counter is SOAP! That’s it! Imagine how much faster you’re going to clean that washroom if you don’t have to wipe dust from candles, a vase with incense, magazine rack, basket with potpourri, or any other kind of junk I’ve seen in people’s washrooms.

The recipe to a glamorous powder room:

nice wall colour + hanging hand towel + nice smelling soap + storage for extra toiletries + (most important!) a beautiful mirror

This gold mirror frame is a custom DIY project. Check it out here!

If you don’t know where to start, I offer decorating tips and in-home organizing consultation services in the Toronto and GTA. For more information and to book, click here.

flowers in portmeirion botanical garden jug home organizing tips

I am not a fan of decorative objects. To me they are nothing but dust collectors, so to make the cut and stay in my home they must also be functional. For example, that heavy sculpture – it can serve as a bookend. Unique vessels can turn into vases. Decorative trays should be functional for moving things from one room to another.

I try to limit these objects to the ones I truly need, with one exception: wall art. I love art! But since it hangs on the walls and doesn’t take any extra floor space, nor does it really gather dust, art is a real exception to the rule. Speaking of art, check out my facebook page for a showcase of my own artwork and paintings.