Furniture Painting & Refinishing

Are you looking to save money? Repainting old furniture is a great option for decorating on a budget!

Do you have a cabinet that has the right dimensions, but just doesn’t suit your decor? Or maybe you have an old dresser that your grandmother left you and you are sad to part with it, but it’s just so worn out that it’s also sad to look at. Why not transform it with paint? I can help you turn your old, unwanted furniture into stunning brand new pieces that you will actually love!

See the before and after picture? I swear, I was going to curb that console. Then I repainted it in modern colours, and now it’s my absolute favourite piece of furniture!

Wouldn’t you love to own something so unique, an item that speaks to you and works beautifully in your home decor?

Why not just toss it and buy new?

Buying new furniture can be daunting. Most of the stuff in stores is made from cheap materials, like MDF and laminate, which fall apart really fast, and look terrible! Quality solid wood furniture costs a fortune! And you can rarely find it in the right colour. My favourite place to buy furniture is from websites like craigslist or kijiji. You can find amazing deals on well crafted solid wood items, and then re-imagine them in any colour you want to match your own decor!

Ikea Hemnes Wardrobe Makeover hack Before and After
An example of a great budget solution! Nice solid wood wardrobe painted in the desired colour. See how I did it.

How Furniture Painting works:

Just pick a colour and let’s do a makeover! If you need help choosing colours or you want new hardware, I will help you with that as well. Fill out the form below and I will send you a custom quote.

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If you want to use the original hardware, or wish to buy the new one yourself, select No. If you would like us to buy it, click Yes. If you need our advice, select Not Sure.
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Where I’m located:

I am located in Oak Ridges, Ontario, Canada. You are welcome to drop off your piece at my workshop, or I can pick it up for an additional fee. My services extend to the entire Greater Toronto Area, including Newmarket, Aurora, Richmond Hill, Thornhill, Vaughan, Maple, Woodbridge, Kleinburg & Nobleton.