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3 Easy Ways to Invite Spring into Your Home Kitchen

It’s already mid March, but I feel like Bill Murray stuck in Groundhog Day. When it seems like winter is never going to end, I desperately need reminding that spring is really just around the corner. Best way to do that is through fresh greenery. But buying fresh flowers on a regular basis can really add up, and potted plants are fantastic, but not everyone is good at remembering to water them. Here I will show you 3 SUPER EASY tricks to add greenery in your home kitchen without breaking the bank.

No.1: Potted Herbs

Every groceries supermarket carries fresh herbs, and many have them in small pots filled with soil. The advantage of buying potted herbs over cut ones, is that you don’t have to use everything right away and they remain fresh for longer. Just pop them on your window sill and water every couple of days.

Since the plastic pots they came in were unsightly, I placed them into a couple of Starbucks mugs that I had laying around. They fit perfectly! Don’t they just look adorable? You can use any waterproof container: jar, cup, empty tin … whatever you have laying around.

My favourite cooking herbs include: basil, rosemary, oregano, parsley and dill. I immediately used them in my salad and the smell was just divine! Especially the rosemary! It reminds me of the south where the sun is warm and tropical plants flourish.

No.2: Display Fresh Herbs Like Flowers, Instead of Hiding Them in the Fridge

What a lovely bouquet of fresh parsley next to my Portmeirion botanical jars

When you buy fresh cut herbs, like parsley, mint or cilantro, instead of storing them in your refrigerator, display them like a bouquet. Treat them like flowers: trim the stems and pop them into a glass of clean water. This is a great way to add greenery into your kitchen, especially in the winter months. The herbs will also stay fresh much longer! And it’s a small commitment – just eat these and buy new ones.

No.3: Botanical Art & Tableware

Visit the Portmeirion website to see their entire Botanic Garden collection.

No green thumb required here! If you’re still going to forget to water those herbs, or you just don’t use them in your cooking, this idea is guaranteed to work for you! Check out the previous photo, where next to the parsley I have some of my Portmeirion jars on display. I collect Portmeirion Botanic Garden series tableware, which depicts beautiful renderings of herbs and flowers. They carry summer charm any time of year.

I really like these Vintage Prints from Amazon

However, if you’re short on counter real estate, or floral printed tableware isn’t your cup of coffee, you can add greenery to your kitchen with botanical art. Amazon has a great selection of prints and framed botanical art that you can showcase in your kitchen or dining area for a hit of spring all-year-round.

Inspirational photo below is from Magnolia & Joanna Gaines – a great example of how to display your botanical art.

Beautiful display of botanical art in this kitchen from Joanna Gaines & Magnolia

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